Edgar, A show of shadows and puppets

Puppets and shadows. Show without words (almost).
Audience: Advanced and adults (+13)
Team: 2 actors and manipulators, 1 sound and light manager
Duration of the show: 50 min.

Edgar is a puppet show for adults, inspired by the universe of Edgar
Allan Poe and the last years of his life, after the death of his beloved

In Edgar, we will walk the streets of a New York full of shadows,
enter taverns where the characters are slaves of their own passions and
routines, like automatons. We will delve into the soil of a cemetery and
wake up in the tight and humid embrace of the grave, while a jocular
undertaker whistles his melody.
All this with the comfort of an idea: they are just puppets; but with the
bitter taste of indentifying their shadows with our own.