Puppet manipulation course

The methodology of the courses and the particular classes are, for the most part, practical, based on rehearsal, improvisational theatrical games and body movement exercises, with the puppet and with our own bodies. Through theatrical game, the student discovers the dramatic capacity of the string and the puppet becomes an instrument capable of expressing ideas and emotions. It is about seeking an immersion in a visual language where the
objects through movement.

The objectives of the classes are :

  • Posture and physical training of the manipulator.
  • The development of the ability to express oneself dramatically through the string puppet.
  • Principles of the mechanics that govern its movement. Theory of the construction and mechanics of the puppet and the controls.
  • Dynamics of human movement and the puppet as an artificial body.
  • Theatrical training with different types of puppets through improvisation and theatrical exercises.
  • The rhythm, the breath and the emotion. Projection on the puppet.
  • Help in directing small scenes and numbers created by the students.