Oneiric cabinet. A string puppet show in three scenes

Silent show
Audience: Young people and adults (+13)

Participants: 1 actor-manipulator, 1 sound and light manager

Duration of the show: 55 minutes

Set-up time: 6 hours
Dismantling time: 4 hours

 The oneiric cabinet shows us the creative process of the marionette. The way stories grow and are shaped between sawdust, chisels, and nights of interrupted dreams. The stage turns into the workshop of a puppeteer, where the images of his dreams and nightmares take form and where the puppeteer goes on testing, perfecting and lets himself fall into a world of oneiric images.
 We witness three stories, during which the characters stop being hung from a hanger to tell us about their daily challenges, their stumbling and their greatness, from their intimacy and their loneliness.
 Tightrope walkers, spiritual dragons, deserts endless in their smallness and which colors are influenced by a rising sun, travelers camping in this dream space… In between those worlds, strings which separate the realitiy from the other. A fine line which makes us accept the vicissitudes of those hollow beings with the same conviction we experience our dreams.